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04/14/11 10:56 AM #22    


David Rafferty

I am sure this will be posted on the home page, but on Tuesday, the Reunion Committee met, considered the possiblity of a mini-reunion this summer and concluded there wasn't enough interest and too many complications to reunite so soon. It was decided to table a reunion untill the 5 yr mark, or 2015.  Informal groups of classmates already do get together for events, so all is not lost.

09/09/11 09:53 AM #23    


David Rafferty

 It's almost a year since the reunion came to fruition and 4 until our (hopefully) next one. Still lots of memories both media and mentally recorded to reflect on even though everyone has returned to their real lives.  Many valuable connections remain for us in varying degrees.  Social media and the Internet can keep those, who choose to, in meaningful communication for the future.

01/22/12 01:11 AM #24    


Calvin Simpson


I believe there are enough of us on the 50th reunion committee, yourself included, who want to have a 55th year reunion.  Closer to the time we'll put a survey on the website to guage interest from our classmates, but I believe we know the probable outcome will favor a reunion.  The 50th turned out to be a great time even though we all had to scramble to put it together.

We're in much better shape now to put together a 55th reunion than we were for the 50th.  We're in great shape to put together other class events, short of a formal reunion, as well.

In the meantime if you or anyone else has ideas for informal class of '60 events in the years before the 55th reunion please sound off.

01/29/12 04:30 AM #25    

Joyce Groenleer (Fent)

I'm so grateful that we had the 50th reunion and I think it is good to meet again in 3 years. Seeing the people we have become made me proud and happy to have been a part of that "start". I was so happy to have time again to laugh and talk with Roland Jenkins before his untimely demise this past summer. We started out knowing how to be good friends at Eastern and continue that as we move around the country in retirement and travel. Greetings to all from theGulf of Mexico beach,          Joyce Groenleer Fent

03/22/12 12:15 PM #26    


Fran Shipman (Kelley)

I would be in favor of another reunion in 2015 - maybe some of our fellow classmates that could not make the 50th would be able to make this one.  It's a Good Thing to keep in touch with each other at this stage of our lives.  :)   - Facebook is also a great way to keep in touch with special friends   -  so if there's an interest there - you can find quite a few of us on FB

Just Saying ------------------- hope to see you all again soon!! 

As Sylvia Chappell - McCoullogh says "cheers"

06/22/12 06:18 PM #27    

Bobi Cranmer (McConnell)

Thank you for all your work on this web page, Cal.

Know most of us from 1960 do not check in

often nor use this as a communiation source. But do want to acknowledge and applaud your talents here.  It is important  to keep this as viable connection for the class of 1960.  My oldest daughter is having her 30th reunion and I am using this site as a good way for her class to communicate.

Look forward to the next reunion and hope that more of us share, meet, and enjoy connecting here.



07/06/15 11:54 PM #28    

Sylvia Chappell (McCollough)

Hello All Eastern 1960 graduating Quakers!!   So looking forward to the October reunion!!  Thanks so much to the planning comittee and all inolved in bringing this together, again. 

So looking forward to the event.

My news sense our 50th....I'm a grandmother twice; having just been Blessed with the arrival of my new little Grand Daughter a few weeks ago!   So, one of each; LIam A. McCollough, age 2, and Grace Kathyrn, 2 weeks.


All is Wonderful in my World!!  Happy Summer to All!!


Cheers, Sylvia Chappell McCollough

07/07/15 07:53 AM #29    


David Rafferty

Glad you family is doing well Sylvia and you are enjoying the grand kids.  Looking forward to the Oct reunion. Sorry, though we have lost more classmates. in recent months and years.

07/08/15 07:08 PM #30    

Bobi Cranmer (McConnell)

Congrats Sylvia on your wonderful new Grand Baby.  They sure are wonderful blessings.  My youngest grand daughters head into middle school this fall and wonder where the years have gone? 

I find myself really looking forward to our upcoming 55th reunion this fall. Decided a couple months ago to read and try to touch base with everyones information on this site.  Regretted not having done that before our 50th. Missed so many moments then to hug and remember a shared moment or event. 

Started with new updates / changes and now spending time with classmates that have passed before us. Remember so many who made me smile or shared an event with.  Karl Mattieson was my brother in law for many years. Saw Wayne Sparbell shortly before he passed away, but he never shared that disease with me. Always wished I'd given him a hug that day. Larry Roher was also a good friend back in the day.

Now onto the last of the alphabet to work my way back to the A's for the Class of 60. Just know I stopped to say hello and hope to say it again in October.


07/09/15 10:21 AM #31    

Deborah Jessop (Pierce)

Hi Bobi - So glad to hear that you are keeping up with our classmates.  I think about Larry quite often - he was a lot of fun and a great friend.   I was very sorry to hear about Mike Smith.  We didn't find out until my Mother's funeral the end of May.  John Hershey was there and told us.  My Mother lived to over 100 and died very, very peacefully with my sister and Max & I by her side.  She had lived with us for the last three years and for the most part until the end we had a lot of fun and talked a lot about her early life and she remembered of lot of  the kids I went to school with and a couple of times she asked about you - she remembered when you lived on Devonshire.

I hope we can make it to the Reunion.

Debby Jessop Pierce





07/09/15 12:02 PM #32    

Nola Lawrence (Meade)

Good to read all these responses from class mates from 1960.  Hope to see all of you in October.  We are keeping busy with our grandkids and Great grandkids, but I enjoy talking with and reading about all my friends. 

07/12/15 09:27 PM #33    

Sylvia Chappell (McCollough)

So great to hear and see all the posts......thanks Bobbi, and all, look forward to seeing everyone  in October!!  Have a wonderful summer, and If I can help with the 55th, please let me know.....I'm pretty flexible if given enough notice!!  LOL!





08/31/15 10:03 AM #34    

Deborah Jessop (Pierce)

The signups for the 55th look pretty sparse and it is only a month away - please send in your

reservations soon as the Committee has to make some commitments and they will have

enough to do at the last minute.


Please contact others you know to attend.  I believe Tim Price will be coming from CA.

Hope to see a lot of you there.



08/31/15 03:17 PM #35    


Calvin Simpson

As of 8/25 the paid reservations for the Reunion are 10 times the number of people who registered under 55th Anniversary Reunion.

Although advanced reservations are necessary, registration isn't required.  Most people haven't bothered to register.

So far reservations have exceeded our expectations.

We'll start listing attendees on the website late next week.


Cal S.




08/31/15 05:50 PM #36    

Barbara Rich (DePue)

Calvin, I was so planning on coming this year, but our grandson is getting married on this day.  Jan (Straus) Bryant was going to come with me.  Hope she stills goes. Hopefully next time.  Sounds like its going to be a good turnout.   Met up with Pam (Porter) Lower a couple of weeks ago and did some catching up.   We don't even live a mile from each other here in Mason.  Terry Post was one of my husband's assistant football coaches years ago.  Small world we live in.  Hope all is well for you and your family.  Thanks for all you do with keep our Alumni Page up and going.  

Barb (Rich) DePue

10/11/15 07:43 PM #37    

Bobi Cranmer (McConnell)

Many thanks to the 'committee' who hosted our reunion last night.  What a great evening.  Loved seeing familiar faces again and catching up with a few I missed seeing 5 years ago.  Heard that there might be one again in maybe three years instead of five?  Like that idea. 

Bobi Cranmer McConnell

10/12/15 06:43 AM #38    


Fran Shipman (Kelley)

Wonderful 55th reunion - great job by committee - well done!!   I'd certainly be in favor of another reunion in 3 years instead of 5.   It was great to see so many new faces from our class that were unable to attend the 50th

Blessings to all,  Fran Shipman Kelley

10/12/15 10:43 AM #39    


David Rafferty

That was a great reunion. Simpler schedule and official doings were better than the 50Th and I saw more friends that didn't come for the 50th. The venue was fine and and excellent buffett. Miss Doersam was an inspiration as always.  I did miss Sharon Cook and Jan Moore not being there and, of course, the classmates who had passed.  Couldn't ask for better weather. I think a 3 yr plan is good with a similar format.

The Lansing Historical Society put on a silent auction at the Don Johnson field house on Saturday with some Eastern stuff donated.Some one posted a few pictures of Eastern's interior during their toiur on their FB page.

I wanted to add that piped in music should have been turned off before Ms Doersam spoke . It was a big distraction.

10/21/15 08:39 PM #40    


Tim Price

Well, I missed both our 10th and 50th because of family conflicts, and from reports that reached me you had great celebrations.  Someone mentioned we had a 25th but I didn't know about that one.  Anyway, I decided I simply had to attend the 55th, how many more chances might I get?  

It was great seeing and catching up with so many, even if only briefly.

I'll add my thanks to the Committee for all their work in putting this together.  That is too often overlooked.

Sunday morning Max and Debbie Pierce, Bill Moore and I voted and agreed that Illona seems to have weathered these years best of all.  Many others looked good, some great, but we felt she changed less than the rest of us.  So congrats to her!

Someone ask about my comment during our self-introductions.  So many others had a spouse, partner, or even child with them to introduce I just felt I had to add something as well.  Since I was the one who rode in from out west that was the best I could come up with on the "spur" of the moment. ;^) 

Now, as those Quakers go marching along, let's hope there is enough interest and support for another gathering in three or five years.

Best to all, Tim

10/21/15 09:27 PM #41    


Fran Shipman (Kelley)


It was a great reunion I'll agree  - new classmates that missed the 50th which was awesome.

 Thanks to the committee for doing an outstanding job!!

 The 3 year plan for reunions is a great idea and perhaps some classmates that haven't helped in the past would be more than willing to help with the next one.  

I had the pleasure of taking Ms. Doersom  home - she is an awesome 86 Years Young!!  

Hope to see many more classmates in 3 years 

11/09/19 11:18 AM #42    

Merle M. Moore

To all who served in our armed forces - Thank You for your service.  Although I was never in the military I did serve two years in Vietnam (with a year of culture and language training in Washington, DC first).  Fluent in the Vietnamese language, I then served in Vietnam with the U.S. State Department Agency For International Development (USAID), first at the District Level and then at the Province Level, doing community development work.  I was assigned to a military advisory team of made up of a team leader (US Army Major and later a Captain), a heavy and light weapons specialist, a radio operator and a medic under a program called CORDS/MACV  (Civilian Operations & Reveloutionary Development Support/Military Assistance Command Vietnam).  I worked the entire two years in the southernmost province in Vietnam that bordered Cambodia and the Gulf of Siam.   I left Vietnam decorated with two medals:  The Medal for Civilian Service in Vietnam and the medal for Meritorious Honor Award from the Department of State, Agency For International Development.  While in training in Washington, DC, I met my wife Patricia and we were married at the Washington Cathedral.  While I worked in Vietnam, Pat lived in "safe haven housing" in the Philippines.  My Vietnam service followed a two-year stint with the Peace Corps in Thailand where I also learned the Thai language.  My brother, Bruce Moore, served with the US Army and spent a year in Vietnam during my time there, in the IV Corps Headquarters town of Cantho.  

05/24/21 02:37 PM #43    

Dawn Brace (Davis)

To all 1960 classmates, hope everyone is well and looking forward to life getting back to normal.                                                                               The Reunion Committee members have been in contact and feel it is best not to have a reunion this year.  We will start planning a gathering for 2022 and will keep everyone up to date periodically as information is available.                                                                                                  We welcome any suggestions that classmates may want to make in a survey that will be sent out.                                                                        Wishing everyone a safe and healthy year ahead.

The Reunion Committee

07/05/21 03:04 PM #44    

Merle M. Moore

I periodically receive emails saying I have a new announcement to view.  Then, when I login I can't find any new announcements.  What's up with that ???

03/19/22 02:36 PM #45    

William Moore

March 19, 2022.

I just learned from Marsha Skinner via Tim Price that Jerry skinner died in September.

Jerry was great friend, a gifted musician, a great Jazz pianist and had a world class singing voice. I will remember him always.

Bill Moore

07/04/23 05:03 PM #46    

Nola Lawrence (Meade)

Nice to reconnect with my classmates. Thank you for posting the 60(+2) reunion pictures.  I am glad my husband was abe to be there with me.  He passed away in Feb, 2023. He graduated from Everett te same night we graduated from Eastern.  We were married for 60 and 1/2 years and I am grateful for each year!!!  Let me know if we have another reunion soon.  Nola (Lawrence) Meade

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