We've been unable to locate the people listed below.  If you have any information that could aid in locating anyone on the list please contact the Reunion Committee at mail@eastern60.com.  Please enter MISSING CLASSMATE on the Subject line.

Even if you don't have a complete address; information such as a city and state is helpful.


Joann Adams
Phyllis Austin (Ward)
Sharon Bellville
Marilyn Blair (Parks)
Jeanette Braun
Connie Brock (McGowan)
Robert Brown
Joyce Byrd (Austin)
Charles Cantrell *
Linda Christensen
Valerie Chuhak
Janet Churchill
Janice Colagross (Bodura)
Richard Conroy
Mike Cooke *
Gerald Crews
Sandra Davis
Christine DeRose
Karen Dollarhite *
Vicky Eccles (Quimay)
Margie Elliott
Irene Frisbee
Caroline Fulger *
Mary Fulghum (Schram)
Frederick A Geer
Gay Goodno
Jan Hackett (Turell)
Ronald L. Harrison
Chet Howard
Jon Hubbard
Kay Jenin
Thomas Johns
Karen Juenker (Fowler)
Wallace Kenger
Karen Klausli (Wordsz)
Jane Kratzer
Linda Lakin
Dale Larner
Lavonda Lathrop (Pohl)
Russell Marsh
Ronald McDaniels *
Robert L Nelson
Gary Norton
Ronald W. Norton
Gennie Peel (Cotton)
Ronald E Pettit
Monty Poston
Victorine Reilly
Terri Roska (Lehman)
Stan Sanders
Allen Smith
Judy Smith (Madden)
Patti Smith
Sharon Smith
William Speckin
Joyce Starin * (Huffman)
Janet Starkweather
Gerald Strauser
Sharon Temple
Sharon Thocker (Stoney)
Yvonne Thomas
Kathryn Thompson
Richard Thompson
Ann Tyler
Vicky VanBeek
James VanSickle
Patricia Vincent
Delmer White
Judith White
Sandra Ardell Workman (Blais)
Joann Wright