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09/12/10 02:22 PM #1    

Sylvia Chappell (McCollough)

What an amazing and wonderful Reunion! I just want to offer my sincere thanks to the Committee and everyone who worked so hard to bring the 1960 Class Reunion together.......I had a Blast!!  Loved seeing so many "YOUNG" friends and all my former classmates, Eastern and North School!  Hooray for US!!  Thank you all so much for a great time and a terrific Reunion!  Lot's of love and all my Best to everyone who participated and attended!   It was the best party Ever!!

Cheers!  Sylvia Chappell - McCollough

09/13/10 10:20 AM #2    

Bobi Cranmer (McConnell)

Couldn't agree more with what Sylvia said.

Great seeing so many classmates and the committee did an outstanding job in planning events that we all could enjoy.


Just hope it's not another 50 years before we meet again

Bobi Cranmer

P.S. Any extra 'programs' floating around? Would like one.

09/13/10 01:10 PM #3    

Vicki Narvesen (Wharton)

     Many thanks and kudos to the Reunion Committee for the amazing planning and bringing to fruition this wonderful time for all of us!  It was a great evening with excellent surroundings, good food and good friends.  The tour through the high school is something that my husband and I will talk of for many years to come. It was all very nostalgic and heart warming.

     Wishing all of you continued good health and much happiness,

     John and Vicki (Narvesen) Wharton

09/13/10 01:32 PM #4    

Sylvia Chappell (McCollough)

My pleasure.....I love having this opportunity to communicate with so many old friends......hopefully, we can keep this going?!! 

Cheers!  Sylvia

09/13/10 02:18 PM #5    


Tim Price

 Well, at least one classmate who couldn't attend enjoyed it in absentia.  Going through the Friday and Saturday pictures was fun.  A few folks I recognized right away (Pam, Bill M, Terry P, Dawn, the Lucas twins) and several more only with the help of reading name tags.  For the most part though it was a sense of "now that face looks familiar" but I really couldn't place a name.

It is obvious that you all had a fun time and now I regret a little more my inability to be there too. So even though I couldn't attend, I'd like to add my thanks to all who organized the whole weekend.


09/13/10 05:16 PM #6    

Barbara Hodges * (Schultz)

Thanks to all who worked so hard to put on this great party.  It was great to see "kids" I haven't seen in way too long.  So sorry we couldn't have had even more attend -- maybe next time!?!?

09/13/10 05:26 PM #7    


Fran Shipman (Kelley)

Attending the 50th Class Reunion was a truly Fun experience for me.  

 The Senior Pictures on the Name Tags helped put a name with the  face and the large print was a bonus.

Many Thanks to those who worked so hard putting this all together. ( I'm glad you all had so MUCH FUN too!)

I have many pictures I would like to add to Friday  and Saturday Night Pics - when I return to Lansing, so be sure to look again in a couple of weeks for some new pictures.

It will be nice to keep in touch with friends from high school days and keeping the Website is a wonderful thing. 

Again, Many Thanks to Everyone for making the 50th so Special.

Fran Kelley

09/13/10 06:20 PM #8    

David Eskes

Thanks to everyone involved in putting the 50th reunion together. Although I  couldn't make it, I thoroughly enjoyed the website profiles and pics of the event. Like most people who didn't attend, I couldn't indentify most of the participants. Still, they were "my people" in the sense that we shared a common experience that helped shape our lives. The best to everyone in the many (I hope) years to come. Dave Eskes  

09/14/10 11:06 AM #9    

Ray Freeman

 Getting ready for the reunion, I spent some time watching a television show called (I think) Cold Case, CSI. It's the show where an older person is talking and there are quick flashes of how the person appeared many years ago.

I had a number of "cold case" moments where 50 years disappeared in an instant and I was laughing with an old friend about fun and funny high school memories.

Thank you committee for all your efforts, especially, Calvin for the website. I checked eastern.60 two or three times a week, reading with great interest about the lives we have lived.  It made the reunion much more meaningful.

There's a nice afterglow to the event. I smile as I think of Saturday evening. Marcia (Everett class of '62) and I had a wonderful time.

Ray Freeman




09/14/10 08:29 PM #10    

Julia Beck (Boyd)

Fantastic job to all who gave so much time and energy to make such a great party. The walk thru at Eastern was great fun also.  I look forward to another reunion and I hope we do not wait 25 years.

Again, Great Jog!! Pat yourselves on the back!!

Julia Beck Boyd

09/14/10 08:47 PM #11    

Kay Seward (Hendershott)


09/19/10 01:48 PM #12    


Deanna Hile (Taylor)

I echo the remarks made by many.  The reunion was fantastic!  We can't wait another 50 yrs. to see everyone again.  I hope some of the ones I missed this time will be at the next reunion.  Thanks so much for all the hard work in  preparation.

09/20/10 11:55 AM #13    

Peggy Williams (Riggs)

It was truly a joy to work on the committee and get reacquainted with several classmates. We had great fun planning the event and are so pleased that everyone seemed to enjoy it. I must give kudos to Terry Post. After Tom Jamieson's inital call, Terry really picked up the ball and ran with it--planning and heading up all our meetings. Many people worked very hard (no thanks to me!) and their different talents made for a great committee. I hope we can all meet again in the not-too-distant future. (My husband's class plans to meet every five years.)

Peggy Williams Riggs

09/20/10 06:38 PM #14    

Sylvia Harris (Hutchinson)

I echo all the comments on the 50th Class Reunion. I enjoyed seeing so many of my classmates on Saturday night. I know a lot of work went in to making it so fun and successful. I'm saving my nametag and hope we have another get together in 5 years. Thanks to the webmaster that made this site available to us for comments and pictures, also. Sylvia (Harris) Hutchinson

09/24/10 01:07 PM #15    


Fran Shipman (Kelley)

This is such fun to read what you all have to say and I can only agree with all of you.  50 years just seems to fade away when I get on this Website made possible by our friend and classmate Cal Simpson.  It's just great to re-connect after all these years and I'm hopeful that we'll continue to stay connected via this Website.

Fran Shipman Kelley

10/01/10 12:55 PM #16    

Sylvia Chappell (McCollough)

Hi Everyone!  I love having the opportunity to catch up with old friends, and thanks to YOU, Cal, for such a great website!!  Its just terrific and your time is so appreciated by so many, I'm sure!

I still chuckle remembering the Reunion and all the great memories, good times, good friends, and just becoming reaquainted with our "youth!"  What Fun!

Have a terrific fall everyone, and I'm taking the liberty here to say GO STATE!!  LOL!

Cheers, Sylvia (Chappell) McCollough

11/22/10 11:51 PM #17    


David Rafferty

Hi, it was fun being on the Committee and playing the fight song, etc. I was wondering if anyone that ordered a DVD has received it yet? I haven't.  Dave

12/04/10 08:50 PM #18    


David Rafferty

I received my DVD of the reunion the other day and watched most of it. Very well produced and I liked to see the Eastern tour segment in which the old gym  and auditorium were shown. Lots of memories of concerts played, but the gym, not so much. The interviews were interesting and the program was shown, plus doo wops.  Well worth the money as a keepsake.

01/11/11 05:17 AM #19    


Fran Shipman (Kelley)

Just watched the DVD from our Class Reunion - and enjoyed so much.  Worth the money and something I will share with some of our classmates.  Enjoyed seeing and hearing from some that I didn't get a chance to talk to at the Re-union.  :)   :)

01/18/11 06:59 PM #20    

Bobi Cranmer (McConnell)

Thank you...Dave and Fran for sharing your views about our reunion video.

Sure had a wonderful time seeing everyone there, but cannot help but wonder why we are not connecting more on this web site? Know several members of our class spent hours of their time setting this up so we could communicate with one another.

I sincerely hope that another mini reunion takes place soon and that after all these years we can take a few moments to chat and again connect with each other. This class of 1960 helped to define each of us. Made us who we are today.


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