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•   David Rafferty  5/23
•   Tom Riggle  12/30
•   Donna Zischke (Williams-Hocking)  10/24
•   Lorraine Marfitt (Chandler)  10/10
•   Calvin Simpson  9/28
•   Merle M. Moore  9/25
•   Sharon Kowalski (Lang)  6/12
•   Stephen Wilson  4/15
•   Bill Knaup  1/25
•   Carol Ross (Timmer)  11/12
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Lansing Eastern High School
Class Of 1960




From the Four Seasons

- Antonio Vivaldi

Our 60th Anniversary Reunion


The Reunion Committee has started work on our Covid delayed 60th Anniversary Reunion.  The Reunion will be held in late August, September or October 2022.  Because of the delay maybe we can call it our 60th Plus 2 Anniversary Reunion. 

The committee is enthusiastic about finally having a 60th Reunion, but making a Reunion possible depends upon you and the rest of our classmates.


Surveys are the most important tool we have to plan fun, interesting and convenient class events. 

This survey is brief and deals with your thoughts about attending a 60th reunion, your opinions concerning date and content and any comments you wish to make about the event and any alternative ideas you may have. 


Please take a few moments to take the survey.  Even if you have no wish to attend, your comments will be helpful and appreciated.


To fill out the survey:

On the left side of this page is a yellow vertical bar (under the photo of JFK).  The first item listed at the top of the bar is titled: Classmate Profiles.  The item listed below Classmate Profiles is: 60 Plus 2 Reunion Survey.  Click on 60 Plus 2 Reunion Survey.  The survey will come up and there will be a Submit "button" at the bottom.  Fill out the survey and click the Submit button.


Eastern High

Class of 1960



Purpose & Membership

This site is for the January and June 1960 classes of Lansing Eastern High School.  This site will enable you to establish and stay in contact with old classmates, renew old friendships and acquaintances and learn of news and events of interest to the Class of 1960 in particular and Eastern High Alums in general.

If you're a member of the Eastern High Class of 1960 you can join this site.  If you didn't graduate or moved away but identify with the Eastern Class of 1960 you can join this site.

Joining the site is easy, free and private.

Click here for membership information and instructions.

Privacy Policy:  All contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address) entered into this website will be kept confidential.  Your contact information will NOT be shared with or distributed to any entity.  Your contact information is private: your street address, e-mail address and phone number cannot be seen by other website members unless you grant permission on your personal Profile.  When a member clicks on your name the only information they see will be your city and state and whatever information you've elected to be seen.  Non-members accessing this website cannot view your profile nor can internet search engines access your information.  Unless you explicitly grant permission your e-mail address is not visible, although an email message can be sent to you by other website members using the contact box at the bottom of your Profile.  If anyone requests your contact information we'll contact you and provide you with the inquirer's contact information.  We will not give your contact information or any other personal information to anyone, not even a fellow class member.


In Classmate Profiles, an asterisk following the last name denotes a January grad.

Missing Classmates

The search for our missing classmates continues.  We want to find everyone and we need your help. 

Please click here for a complete up to date list of those classmates we've been unable to locate. 

Any information you can pass along regarding a missing classmate is greatly appreciated.





Dan Parmelee  7/1
Stephen Wilson  7/1
Mary Adcock (Shaw)  7/6
Terry Post  7/7
Daniel Loyd  7/13
David Hethorn *  7/15
Thomas Rugh  7/16
Tom Riggle  7/20
David Beck  7/23

From time to time we receive notice of a classmate's passing that occurred several years ago.





We are sad to report the passing of our Classmate

Del Van Vliet



Del passed away on November 16, 2016



Click here to read Del's obituary






We are sad to report the passing of our classmate

Vilo Acker



Vilo passed away on February 14, 2022


Click here to read Vilo's obituary


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Address Changes

The most valuable asset the Class of 1960 has is its database of class member addresses.  The database took endless hours to build and continuously maintaining current address information is crucial. 

If you move please enter your new address on your profile.

If your email address changes please enter your new email address on your profile.

If you change phone number(s) please enter your new phone number(s) on your profile.

The database drudge will be forever in your debt.




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