60th Anniversary Reunion Survey


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1)   Have you attended any of these three class events? Please check all that apply.

  50th Anniversary Reunion
  55th Anniversary Reunion
  75th Birthday Open House (Diamond Jubilee)
  None of the above
2)   * Would you attend a 60th Anniversary Reunion?

Yes No
If you answer no to this question please skip to question 5.
3)   Would you prefer a multi-day, multi event reunion, a single evening reunion or a day long open house anchored by the evening reunion dinner?

  Multi-day, multi event
  Single evening reunion dinner
  Day long open house anchored by the evening reunion dinner
4)   The Committee has set Saturday September 12, 2020 (first Michigan State away game of the 2020 football season) as the date for the Reunion Dinner. Please comment if you believe a different date should be considered.

5)   Your Comments - Please share with us any ideas you have for a successful reunion or expand on any of your answers from the questions above.